B.E.S.T. Handle


Dear Customer,

We would like to give you an insight on the company’s history and also on the special construction of our knives’ handles, which you might have noticed already.

The hand of man, a marvel of nature, was developed by necessity and refined during the evolutionary processes going on for millions of years. The hominids descended from animals that lived up in the trees most of the time. The main reason for this was to hide from predatory cats that were lurking at them because they were easy prey. Our ancestors’ multifunctional hands offered a high ability to grab branches or any other different objects. As important as it was to use sharp rocks as tools in those days, it is at least equally important to own a good knife nowadays. The knife is and will stay an inevitable tool of daily use in all cultures of mankind.

Focusing on the usability of a knife, PI-KNIVES decided to get some help from modern biology to gain new insights on knife design  -- especially when looking at the shape of knife handles. After some research in the field of biomechanics focusing on human hands, we developed these special handles’ shape and structure. Those structures mimic the surface characteristics of tree branches, but in an extracted and technical way. So your hand will grab this kind of knife handle naturally and such knife becomes an extension of your body.

We call this design...


 B.E.S.T. Handle - (BiomimeticallyEngineeredSurfaceTexturing)



Simply because it is the best handle we could make until now.

Experience for yourself  when grabbing a B.E.S.T. knife and have a good life!

Kind regards,

Sami Stinner