Sami Stinner

PI-KNIVES was founded in 2010 by Sami Stinner to market a patented in-house development - the side folding knife DoBoLock.

The DoBoLock was launched in two variants and in small quantities of 100 pieces each. At the BLADE SHOW 2011, the design of the DoBoLock was awarded a Blade Award.

This was followed by cooperations of Pi-Knives with FOX and later with ISSC and STEYR-MANNLICHER. Fixed knives were also developed during these collaborations (e.g., STEYR Survival Knife).


Now he is continuing his work on new knife designs under his own brand PI-KNIVES together with RHB-Group. With the cooperation partner RHB GmbH, a newcomer to the world of knives, a business partner has been won, who, together with Sami Stinner, now wants to establish the knife brand PI-KNIVES as a new highlight in the knife market.

With the year 2018, PI-KNIVES has now become its own brand, which will exclusively offer 
self-developed knife designs.

Sami Stinner - inventor, professor of biology.

He was interested in knives from the time when he was a small boy.

Growing up in a small village, it was common to carry a pocket knife.

After finishing school he went to Salzburg to attend university and do his studies in Biology.                                                                                                   

During those years at university he began making knives by hand in his leisure time.

All this got him started in the field of knives.

He was since working as a biologist in his main profession and working on designing and making knives as a second profession.

The motto "PROGRESS THROUGH INNOVATION" should set the trend for our products!