Support Pack

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Support Pack

Small cause, great impact - each of us knows this basic principle, in negative and positive ways.

A small wooden splinter is stuck in the finger of your child? The battery of your mobile phone is empty, but you absolutely need light? You are surprised on a hike by a thunderstorm with downpour?

Minor and major inconveniences can often be alleviated or resolved by the use of simple aids that are available.

PI-KNIVES has put together a number of items that are very useful in everyday life or, of course, in a real survival situation, and take a relatively small pack size.


Content list of the Support Pack (uses):

+ Foldable cup, stainless steel, 250ml (beverage cup, for boiling water, unit of measurement)

+ Waterproof plastic box (storage of moisture-sensitive objects)

+ Ferrocerium firesteel with striker (generates sparks up to 3000 °C)

+ Multitool

+ Compass

+ Signal mirror with small whistle (signal with sunlight, acoustic signal)

+ Diamond sharpener

+ Sewing needles

+ Mini LED lamp

+ 2 rescue blankets (for example a blanket laid out as a rain cover, the second blanket as a blanket)

+ Butterfly plaster (for immediate fixation of small skin wounds)

+ Children's plasters

+ 3 sterile dressings

+ elastic bandage for fixing the wound dressings

+ Wire saw for cutting thicker pieces of wood

+ Nail scissors

+ Extra pointed tweezers

+ Monocle magnifying glass for working hands-free under optical magnification

+ 2 tampons (as material for starting a fire, as a sanitary article)

+ 3 plastic bags, each 4 liters capacity

+ Piece of aluminum foil

+ 1m brass wire

+ 3 safety pins

+ 5 cable ties

+ Small pencil

+ Small sheet of paper

+ 1 pack of matches

+ 100m dental floss (as a highly tear-resistant thread for a variety of uses)

Specification of the Accessories
Colour black, tan (beige, sand), olive green

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