Technical data

Chosen materials

(if not mentioned otherwise)

+ Steel D2 (BOEHLER K110) HRC 58-60, grey PVD surface treatment, cutouts in the steel tang to reduce weight and adjust point of balance. Traction grooves of different lengths in most of the knife models blades back.

+ Handle scales CNC machined from G10 glass fibre reinforced compound, dismountable by stainless special screws

+ Sheaths made from thermoplastic kydex, hollow rivets, special belt clip, also suited for inside pant carry of the knife. Technilock clip added in addition. The clip can be mounted in different positions, horizontally or vertically.

+ Leather sheaths made from thick cowhide available with some models.

+ Every knife comes with suiting hex wrench to dismount the scales and one additional PI-KNIVES rubber patch.

+ Length of black paracord 50cm as a lanyard packed with every knife.



Specs  -- typical design for such a legendary knife, hidden tang construction, powerful blade with sharply pointed and raised tip. The long blade enables to cut more easily through bigger chunks of material. Also suitable for military applications.


Lges – 335mm

LK – 215mm

BKmax– 38mm

SK – 7mm

Gew – 470g



Small knife for special applications

Specs – Compact tool of highest strength, also suitable for survival applications; excellent durability, but minor limitations in some fine cutting applications because of the special blades geometry.


Lges – 150mm

LK – 70mm

BKmax – 29mm

SK – 6mm

Gew – 180g


FELIS S (serrated)

Small Military Knife

Specs – lightweight knife for tactical applications, very fast and handy during use, excellent cutting abilities because of the chosen blade geometry, sharp serrations in the back of the blade near the blades point to improve cutting tough material.

Lges – 242mm

LK – 117mm

BKmax – 26mm

SK – 4mm

Gew – 200g



Compact Outdoor Knife

Specs powerful knife design for all applications when camping outdoors or for survival. Suitable for heavy use. The knife’s moderate overall length makes it a very handy tool.

Lges – 244mm

LK – 120mm

BKmax– 37mm

SK – 6mm

Gew – 280g



Big Military Knife

Specs – this design combines stability and maneuverability in one design. Long recurve blade with thrusting point, sharp serrations on the back in the first third of the blade.  All these features offer a wide spectrum of use for this knife.

Lges – 320mm

LK – 195mm

BKmax– 32mm

SK – 6mm

Gew – 350g




Specs typical design for such legendary knife , powerful blade with nearly unbreakable tip. The long blade enables to cut more easily through bigger chunks of material. Also suitable for military applications.                                                                                                                                               

Lges – 355mm

LK – 220mm

BKmax– 43mm

SK – 6mm

Gew – 450g




Lges  -  total length

LK – blade length

BKmax – maximum width of blade

SK – blade stock

Gew – weight of the knife without sheath